But Almirante is not only a town. Despite of the fact that is part of the Bocas del Toro province, the region owns by itself the capacity and the projection to be one of the more important sectors of the province's economy, to be the new fourth district.

Almirante district, lying between the ocean and lush rainforests, between a turquouse sea in the front and green mountains behind, is only in the tourism circuit, for now, as a transfer place to the islands or the rest of the province, but is coming the time when the visitors will look to explore and admire the nearby attractions, yet to be good use of.

Different communities start to increase their importance, like: Valle del Risco, Rio Oeste Arriba, Ojo de Agua, Nance de Risco, Charco La Pava, Valle de Agua and others, all of them located between the mountains of the Palo Seco Forest Reserve and the sea.